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A One- Woman show where invisible illness and a hostile environment collide.

Air is invisible.
A vibe is invisible.
Time is invisible.
A giggle is invisible.
And so are many illnesses.

'Illusions of Liberty' is a Black Comedy about, a woman who has a fake identity, but not one of her choosing. She is in a constant battle to maintain what people believe she is, It’s a matter of survival. Over the course of four days,after some traumatic news, she battles with hard truths, and convincing lies.

Liberty Jones is a Principal Cellist, for five years she has been plagued with an increasing number of bewildering symptoms. Five days ago, Liberty Jones received a diagnosis of an invisible illness. Against the backdrop of a hostile environment, this Black comedy follows her for four days, we see her struggle with her diagnosis, the mother daughter relationship, and what it means to have an illness no one can actually see.

As she struggles to maintain her equilibrium in her new status and relationships. How does she feel when the dust settles? How does she deal with her new normal? How many new ‘normals’ will she have to adjust to, in four days?

"So many different types of tired…. And so...few…. beds"

Running time: 85 minutes.

                                             Playmill- King's Head Theatre 
This production was part of the Playmill Theatre  Festival at the illustrious King's Head Theatre, Islington in July 2019. Playmill is the King's Head Theatre's festival of brand new work.




Lorna Wells


Raquel Grela


Corinne Walker

'Liberty Jones'

Chuma Emembolu

Sound and Lighting Designer

Sally Hardcastle

Set and Costume

Gwenan Bain

Stage Manager and Operator

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 "What a wonderful story! Saw this one woman play yesterday and cheers are in order for writer @LornaWells88 and actor @corinneswalker "πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ₯‚"

Rochelle Thomas

 "corinneswalker was superb last night in @liberty_2019 written by @LornaWells88, played again tonight at @KingsHeadThtr highly recommended!" https://t.co/YwePWbTsxp"

Sok-ho Trinh

 Congrats to everyone involved in the one woman play @liberty_2019, an insightful portrayal of relationships in the days after an invisible illness diagnosis. @KingsHeadThtr is a great sm venue too. #invisiblevisible @ehlersdanlosuk @ConsciousCass Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone."

Kay JulierManaging Director of Ehlers-Danos Support UK

 "Amusing, plaintive and piercing. Many congratulations Lorna, Corinne and the team.Amusing, plaintive and piercing."

Anna Corbett

 What a wonderful masterpiece created by @LornaWells88 and congrats to @corinneswalker for portraying such a poignant character and creating awareness about ICI. Such a divine experience πŸ‘πŸΎβ€ https://t.co/6VkdpnXfQm"

Melissa Parke


  • Bristol, England, United Kingdom