01 Jul

How many bags do you carry with you for an average day out? You know when you're not going to be away from your house for long, but long enough. Do you have a 'Just in case bag' or even bags? Just in case food, well they may not have food you can actually eat, due to your allergies.  Just in case clothes, because your body temperature fluctuates from Arctic to Desert several times a day or sometimes an hour. Just in case note books as memory aids, because you never know  when you're going to forget that vital thing, you need to remember at all costs, and many more things to numerous to mention.  So the upshot is you look like you're going on a short break every time you leave the house.  I've never been a small bag kind of woman, If you going to carry a bag, carry a big bag, that's what I used to live by. Now, I find myself yearning for small neat bags. If you carry a bag, what kind of bag do you carry? Answers on a postcard, to 'Liberty Jones', Big bag, Little Bag, The World, I'd love to hear from you. 

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