03 Feb

I had to complete a form recently which asks about my accessibility needs, and I knew one of those moments had arrived.  The moments when we are forced to face the truth of how we really are. I mean sometimes the illness is invisible even to us. We become so good at coping, appearing to be strong, putting a brave face on it, that we actually start to fool our own selves. We don't acknowledge all the adjustments we make all day, everyday, to function and then we wonder why we're so bloody tired!!

Then for whatever the reason, somebody says, imagine yourself as a well person. Then, think how many adjustments you make to your day because you're not. One by one the penny drops, and soon it's raining pennies and our piggy-banks are overflowing.

So the choice? Try to be the best version of you, even though most of it's an illusion. I mean I laugh at all kinds of things which are not really funny about my health, so that I can feel better and others can laugh too.  Or be so real you depress yourself and others?  I think the answer lies somewhere in between? Or maybe, it's on a sliding scale, depending on the day or moment? What do you think?

Please send your answers on a postcard, to 'Raining Pennies' Liberty Jones, The World. I'd love to hear from you.

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