16 Mar

Every day we get up and most of us take a cocktail of medications, vitamins, supplements just so we can stay on the right side of well, more like well- ish. We know that without them life would just be even more difficult. However, in these Corona times the panic buying is not just food, and toilet rolls, it's the essentials of living with an invisible chronic illness. There should be a word for how you feel when approaching the section in the chemist, supermarket, online and realise that it's empty. That there's no sign that there will be any more in stock, and that you're running low. There is no word that particular feeling, as you search the internet for replacements, and you find it, but the prices are extortionate, or it comes from a part of the world that has a travel ban, so you can't get it anyway. 

You know that at a house not to far from you probably, there are people who are knee deep in everything you need. Stuff which has been wrenched from shelves in a crazy frenzy which up till  now has only been given a cursory glance. Much of  that stuff has been invisible to many sections of society until now, just like our illnesses. Much of the things we need to survive have become popular and trendy. What things are you finding have become trendy recently. Please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you? Liberty Jones. 

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