24 Mar

Is there a world where you can go to lots of events without leaving your house? Is there a world where you can join a choir, a cooking class, yoga, Pilates in your own home? Is there a place where you can have a birthday meal with all your friends, even though you feel tired, and they cater for all your allergies? Is there a world where you can go to the theatre in you living room, and not have to worry about how many steps there will be to your seat, Is the toilet half a mile away up steep stairs and the lift's not working? Is there a world where you can have meetings online, and not have to pay expensive taxi fares, and arrive exhausted before you start, only to leave 30 minutes later? is there world where you can meet-up with friends, from far away without having to arrange disabled assistance, and deal with anxiety of them forgetting you're on the train waiting for them?  Is there a world where you can have regular check-ups with your specialist without having to go on long journeys ,and sit in uncomfortable waiting rooms? Can this world exist alongside able bodied people? Can able-bodied people use all these facilities as well if they need to? In 2018, no such world exists for people with invisible illness. I can't foresee a time when it would. Can you? Please drop me a line with your questions. 'Liberty Jones'

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