15 Jan

I've spent several years wondering how I can be suffering terrible symptoms on the inside, and still look relatively ok on the outside, well with a little help from my friend 'MAC'. I mean when you live with an invisible illness, not only can you inadvertently  'fool 'other people, you can actually fool yourself. This can happen a lot more in the virtual world. In that moment, you are a certain person. When the end call button is pressed, you can exhale, you can slump in your chair, you can release the tension. During the Zoom call, you can see this person interacting, laughing, joking, and you wonder, Who the hell is she?  Because the disconnect between how you actually feel, and the person on the screen can sometimes be huge, can sometimes seem ridiculous.  This is living with an invisible illness.  It's just the Zoom screen has replaced the door. The one which we shut when we come home, or go into a room. I guess we all have a Zoom self, dictated by role, occasion and what is appropriate. When you live with an invisible chronic illness what dictates this is not convention, it's reinvention depending on what's going on for you in that moment.  What do you reinvent?  Drop me a line, I'd loved to hear from you. 'Liberty Jones'. 

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