Raquel Grela

Raquel Grela

Raquel Grela has been working in the theatre and film industry for the last 7 years as a performer, deviser, director and workshop facilitator.  Growed up in Madrid and based in Bristol, she has worked nationally and internationally. Throughout her career she has explored and worked with many different styles and techniques like Meisner, Grotowski or Lecoq.
Some of her credits as a performer include: Conquistadors (Thereby Hangs A Tale Productions), Artes Moriendi (Compagnie des Wanderers & A Dogs's Heart Theatre), Antigone (Himmel Theatre), Nowhere To Somewhere (National Theatre of Scotland), the feature House Of Bricks (Background Noise Productions) or the dance short film Shrouds Apart (Tim Lo & Jem Lin).
As a director she has recently directed The Coal Train programmed at Tristan Bates Theatre and she is currently working on By A Narrow Margin and Illusions Of Liberty.
Raquel is also a founder and member of A Dog’s Heart Theatre with bases in Berlin and Bristol. Their last production is a collaboration with Federico Schwindt’s company Compagnie des Wanderers on the play Artes Moriendi, performed at Performance Art Festival Berlin 2018.
As a creator she focuses and explores issues of  social injustice, identity and equality.